Zetsin is a fan character by Taylor Gorrell appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetic Angels and the older brother of Artem, he is initially Pit's enemy, but he switches sides and joins him in the battle against the Synthetics.


Zetsin appears an an 18-year-old young man with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and black-framed eyeglasses, wearing a red version of the Synthetic Angel outfit trimmed with white. His wings are gray with sharp feathers.


Zetsin seems emotionless at first, but is soon discovered to be simply an honorable, no-nonsense warrior. He is very protective of his brother, Artem, and usually listens to him when Artem tells him something. He enjoys a good challenge, and has never taken a life. Zetsin eventually loosens up around everyone, losing his aversion to divine figures.


Zetsin is first seen attacking Palutena's temple in an attempt to find Artem, as he knows he is there. When Zetsin finally finds Artem, the younger brother convinces Zetsin to stop the attack and help them stop Parshath, on one condition: Pit and Trip must engage Artem and Zetsin in battle. Whether the battle is won or lost, Zetsin comments on how the battle was good and will aid Pit and Trip. Zetsin often spars with Magnus, as they use the same type of weapon.

After the end, Zetsin remains in Pit's dimension with his brother.


Like other Synthetic Angels, Zetsin has basic weapon knowledge. His signature weapon is a Club, which actually looks more like a green-bladed energy sword. While Pit and Trip have to use two hands to wield it, Zetsin only requires one hand, able to swing it around with no trouble.


  • Zetsin's color scheme, the first two letters of his name, him being red in contrast to Artem's blue, and the use of a weapon that looks like green-bladed energy sword makes him a reference to Zero from the Mega Man X series.