The Zaurum Staff resembles an Aurum Zaurum with its arm bent to the side, which Pit holds. Thus, its fish-like tail points toward enemies. Its standing charged shot is like that of a bow, but it flashes red, purple, yellow and white. Its dash charged shots are like its standing charged shot but are larger and faster. It continuous fire (standing or dashing in any direction) is a series of slow-moving, sickly-colored bubbles.

Its continuous fire has the chance to confuse foes, and it charges quickly for a staff. However, its charged shots have no special ability. Confusing a foe with continuous fire then waiting for the weapon to charge and firing is a good way to finish enemies on medium intensities. Its third melee strike is powerful for a staff and it speeds up the user significantly. However, none of its shots are more powerful than average and they don't gain strength as they travel.

Idol Description Edit

The Zaurum Staff is a weapon to be wielded by only the experts. Its continuous fire can confuse foes, and its charged shots deal significant damage up close. While uncommon among staffs, skilled players can use these properties to their advantage.

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