The Wings are a fan-made special piece of new weaponry introduced in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. The weapon attaches to the user's wings, imbuing them with special properties and allowing them to be used for combat.

Any ideas for Wings weapons are welcome and appreciated.


Wings come in a pair, like Claws, Orbitars, and Boots. These are attached to the tops of the wings, changing the look of them. The projectiles are fired from the feathers of Pit or Trip's wings, and charge shots are fired by a flap. Statisically, Wings are the weakest weapon variant, having moderate shot power and weak melee power (both with exceptions). However, their rapid-fire can fire infinitely, not having to stop midway through a streak. In close-range, Pit or Trip will swipe enemies with his wings 4 times.


Angel Wings - The standard Wings, with infinite rapid-fire capabilities intact. A good start for those who prefer rapid-fire over charge shots or melee.

Argent Wings - Named after "argentum", Latin for "silver", these Wings are a signature of the Synthetic Angel leader, Parshath. They give the wielder a defensive boost and fire glowing blades of energy.

Libra Wings - The Zodiac Weapon bearing the sign of Libra. These Wings balance you out if a Status Condition tags you. The Charge Shots are bolo-type shots.

Pegasus Wings - A copy of the original Wings of Pegasus, one of the Three Sacred Treasures, the Pegasus Wings boasts quick and heavy melee and ranged fire and a speeding up of the motion of the user. However, its charged shots take an especially long time to charge, and its shots have no homing capabilities whatsoever.

Stardust Wings - Made from the constellations' stars energy, the Stardust Wings have weak continuous fire. Although they don't make great melee damge, their dash attacks cause the enemies to fall backwards. Their charged shots are lightning-fast comets.

More to come...