It all started when Mung Daal was making a dish. "WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG!!!!!???" yelled Truffles. "Woman, i'm almost done with the recipe!' said Mung Daal. "Chowder, bring me some mayonnaise for the potato salad." said Mung Daal. "Here you go!" said Chowder. Mung Daal squirted out the mayonnaise, but instead, it wasn't. "Chowder!" said Mung Daal. "What did you put in the potato salad?!" "Medusa Mayonnaise." said Chowder. "Oh my gosh! A purple something is trying to attack us!" said Mung Daal. "Oops. There was no more mayonnaise left." said Chowder. Then, the potato salad destroyed, and an evil laugh came out of nowhere. "Is it done yet?" said Truffles angrily. "Nein." said Mung Daal in Koller's voice. "If your not finished by the time she gets here, i'll rip your--" Medusa, the goddess of darkness grabbed Truffles outta nowhere. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Truffles. "Someboody holp muuuu..." said Truffles as she turned into dust. MUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH!" said Medusa. "Mung Daal, I have destroyed Truffles, now I will destroy your catering company because you make the worst food ever!" said Medusa, as she laughed with evil. "You'll never take over our company, you nasty picklehead!" yelled Mung Daal. "Now, Schnitzel!" said Mung Daal. "Ha ha ha, Radda Radda Radda!" laughed Schnitzel. Medusa grabbed him and choke Schnitzel. "RADDA!" yelled Schnitzel. Schnitzel punched Medusa in the face. "Mung Daal, you shall never trust this company ever again!!" said Medusa as she walked away. Mung Daal was shocked "My kitchen. My once beautiful kitchen!" said Mung Daal. more coming soon! i do not have the time to fill this in.

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