Wands are a weapon in Kid Icarus: Dyntos' Rise. These weapons send out a wave like attack that will be charged by anything similar to it in element by sending a wave or energy ball at it, or standing on it, or else it will simply send out small balls of energy. It can send the ball by simply pressing the attack button, and will send the charged attack when the attack button is held.

Types of Wands:Edit

Earth WandEdit

This wand is charged by dirt and stone, it will damage enemies, and when charged will push enemies in its radius back.

Fire WandEdit

This wand will burn enemies, and when charged will also deal damage. Also when absorbing fire it will remove the fire as well.

Sand WandEdit

This wand will weakly damage enemies, and when charged, blind them.

Poseidon WandEdit

This wand will absorb water, it will deal damage, and when charged also make them soggy so they move slower, It will remove the water it absorbs.

Energy WandEdit

This wand will absorb weak attacks and strong attacks, but won't remove them, also can absorb enemies being defeated. It will deal damage, and when charged by attacks, send an attack that is just the same as what it absorbed, and when charged with an enemy, bring them back as a weaker, smaller version to help you in battle, or absorb the attacks from.

Secret WandEdit


Zodiac WandEdit

Scorpio WandEdit

Deals damage, charged by poison attacks and the poison in your body, removing it. Poisoning all targets when charged

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