— Venom to Spider-Man
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Real Name

Edward Charles Allan Brock, Jr.



Venom Man

"The Suit"



First Appearance

As Eddie Brock - Web of Spider-Man #18 (1986)

As Venom - The Amazing Spider-Man #299 (1988) (Cameo)

Full Appearance - The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1988)

Venom (Eddie Brock) is a enemy of Spider-Man and a character in the game The Amazing Spider-Man.


Eddie Brock Jr. was Peter Parker's closest childhood friend. However, the genesis of "Venom" had begun years earlier. A genetically engineered protoplasmic "Suit", it was designed by Richard Parker and Edward Brock Senior. Richard intended it to be used for medical purposes in his quest to cure cancer, but Ed Sr. was more interested in the military applications of the suit. After the deaths of both Parker and Brock, Eddie Jr. continued the research, using two samples from a suit he found in his father's cold storage unit that were originally created for Richard Parker's DNA. One of these samples bonded with Peter.

Afterward, Peter warned Eddie of the dangers of the Suit when its enhanced metabolism and aggression nearly drove him to kill. Eddie, angry with Peter for destroying the Suit, (their 'inheritance') used a second sample to become Venom. The Suit consumed Eddie alive and drove him insane, forcing him to feed on other humans. Eddie confronted Peter at his high school, where the two fought; Venom attempting to consume Spider-Man. The fight spilled out onto a nearby street, where Police arrived. Not knowing what Eddie had become, the Police opened fire on Eddie, and Eddie accidentally stepped on a power-line where he was electrocuted and he mysteriously dissapeared leaving only a small dead pile of the suit on the ground.

Eventually Eddie returned and once again tried to kill Spider-Man, A Sample of the Venom Symbiote was eventually used in the creation of a second Symbiote Carnage that bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady. Both Venom and Spider-Man would sometimes team up to take down the more powerful Carnage.

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