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    Fanon AR Cards

    September 1, 2012 by SkyRider3217

    I have been doing some AR cards for some time.. I am thinking of giving the template... but there is a problem. The files are Photoshop documents(*.psd) and I cannot post them. The reason why its that document type is because editing all this requires layers. I may have to make a blank on like this(as a *.png):

    EXAMPLE! This is only used for Themed Fighters.

    But it's much easier to edit if they're in layers(so then you can only change certain parts of the picture without messing up the entire image) If you want this as a Photoshop document with the layers, you need to have either Photoshop(not really recomended since it cost ya' some money) or GIMP(FREE), then I would have to send you by e-mail (since I can't think of any other way).


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