update: only 1 fanfic per month

and im planning a special fanfic for the holidays

test page: the 3 viruses

it were 3 viruses generated by magic dust in outer space

they entered spaceships gathering stuff

3 viruses

the good one

the evil one

and the netural one

each one had an objective

find an human to help in their journerys

the powers of each virus:

1 dispense items (tools,weapons,et cetera)

2 armor mode(turns into an armor)

3 they can talk

additional info about my 3 characters (i will send pics soon)

weapons of the characters

drake: the fold over blade

common boomerangs

dan: the  fold over axe

also common boomerangs

hailey: cuteness energy bow

common boomerangs

i will turn my fanfic: drake the spaceshawnk redemption

into a game

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