mini update: ill post fanfics mothly

here is another quick fanfic

a very busy day

drake: BOOORED!!! again. lets try making a lot of stuff. n virus

n virus ok *printing up a list*

the list:

1 fininsh wall running training

2 experience training with new weapons

3 ultimate course

drake: *reading the list* okay

at the forest...

n virus: down right up barrel roll (barrel roll means frontflip)

drake:*doing what n virus said*

drake: done, lets start the weapon training, but the only problem is that i only have one weapon!

n virus: no problem, i have c type weapons weapons in my inventory

n virus dispenses all types of weapons in the c type

(all weapons including the fan mades)

(c type means common type does small amount of damage)

drake: cool

after the weapon training was finisnshed

n virus: the weapons are part of me. and i can be updated

drake: updated?

n virus: it means my skills get better each month and the weapons also get better

drake: cool

n virus: without furter ado... Lets start the course

drake did the course with an 99/100 rating

n virus: almost perfect

drake: lets go home


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