here is the history of my character:

drake were abandoned by his parents and captured by the spaceshawnk space clan

he were part of an experiment of the clan (that is how he got the mutations) and trained to use weapons

after discovering the plan of using the mutated ones as slaves he decided to put an end on the plan by:

1 impressing him earning his confidence

2 throwing him at the outer space

3 also throwing to the outer space the plans

4 escaping

the escape route got wrong and then he went to the orther world (angel land)

then he met n virus and orther 2 pepole (i will introduce them later)

the idea of the game

kid icarus: timechronicles

plot: pit,drake and link are put into the ntportal (nt stands for nintendo timeline)

and go through all eras of the nintendo time line

gameplay: mixed gameplays between action stages (example: the character automatically run and the player controls the aim) rpg   open world plataform  sneak up games (example: metal gear solid) and etcetera

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