another quick fanfic story

busting boredom

drake: im bored what you suggest to do n virus?

n virus: go to the forest i will teach you some new skills what you can do with the wall running skills

drake: cool

they reached in the forest

drake: be quick teaching the stuff my skill just last 5 minutes and you cant extend the time limit!

n virus: ok. thanks for letting me know

n virus: here is the basic moves: run up and run down on the logs

drake:*doing what n virus told* next move please

n virus: ok. this is another basic move: you re running on the right side. try jumping to the left side and then the right side

drake: *doing what n virus told* done

n virus: this is the last of the basic moves: diagonal jump. you re running on the bottom right side. try jumping to the top left side

drake: *doing what n virus told* ok

n virus: this is the final of the basic training follow my directions: up/down/left/right means to go either directions B and A means diagonal jump and the world "start" means to jump off

drake: 10-4!

n virus: what does this mean?

drake: it means understood

n virus: there 3 directions on each side: bottom,middle and top

n virus:  do the moves as i talk the sequence and the sequence is up up down down left right left right B A start (got the reference?=D)

drake did the sequence the same time n virus talked

n virus: nice work friend

drake: thanks! lets go back to the cabin

drake went back home, drinked water and ate a raw bell pepper as a snack as he wrote everything that n virus teached  in his diary

the end

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