• Jem Angels

    Chapter 1

    A Broken Angel (Jem)

    Falling... Falling... I... was falling... Falling fast... Falling dangerously fast.. But, the question is... Why? Why was I falling? Why did this happen? Well, I only remember being angry. But I should really tell you the whole story, right? Well, here it goes. Oh... You probably might be wondering how I'm telling you my story as I'm plummeting to my death. I promise it's going to be a quick story...

    My name is Jemina Angelos. I live within a royal family, which i do so happily love. This means that I'm a princess, and since I was the oldest sister, I am to be married in 3 more years. That also means arranged marriages... Ick. The worst part about this is that my parents had already chosen my future husband! Ugh…

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