• GearWax

    New "music weapon" ideas

    February 7, 2017 by GearWax

    I was really surprised that in the first game, there wasn't any sound-based weapon in any form. So I had an idea to introduce a sound-based weapon to each of the 9 existing classes (plus 3 classes of my creation). I'm also doing them in order of IMO worst to best classes.


    The blade on the side of the Guitar Cannon makes it very well-suited for melee, and its dash attacks are also very powerful. It also is significantly lighter than other cannons, and its shots can confuse enemies. However, it lacks the power and range typical of other cannons, and its shots travel slowly.


    The cymbal arm fires a ring-shaped charged shot which can do a lot of damage. It has the most powerful melee attack of any arm as well, however it su…

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