The Underworld Blade resembles an Underworld Gyrazer with a Shemum tail to complete the blade's shape and for Pit to hold. Its standing charged shot is a light purple arrow. Its dash charged shots are large, dark purple arrows. Its standing continuous fire is a blue laser, and its dash continuous fire is a series of dark purple pellets.

All of the weapon's shots imitate actual Gyrazer fire seen on various difficulties. Its standing charged shot and dash continuous fire are inspired by Gyrazer fire from low difficulties, while its dash charged shot and standing continuous fire are inspired by Gyrazer fire from high difficulties. Its shots have superb range, average power and poor homing, and its melee attacks are weak, making this a good weapon for blade users who want to transition to staffs. Its standing continuous fire has a high firing rate.

Idol Description Edit

This blade may be ugly, but that's not why enemies are afraid of it! Its ranged attacks pack a punch, and users who can properly control the shots can just as easily control the number of foes around them. Luckily, the weapon is adept in continuous fire, which can save wielders who let charged shots go astray.

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