Ultimate Spider-Man is a Video Game Released for the Wii U and New 3DS and is based on the Marvel Comics Superhero Spider-Man. The Game features characters and sittings from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Sonic Adventure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Super Smash Bros. Series. The Game is also based on the Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Book series and The Amazing Spider-Man films. Characters from DC Comics also make brief appearances. The Game features gameplay that is similar to The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) games.


  • Chapter 1: With Great Power
  • Chapter 2: Search for Justice
  • Chapter 3: Heroes of Smash
  • Chapter 4: The Man without Fear
  • Chapter 5: Enter Ylisse
  • Chapter 6: Attack of the Beetle
  • Chapter 7: Force of Nature
  • Chapter 8: Venom Returns
  • Chapter 9: Meet Spider-Girl
  • Chapter 10: Chaos
  • Chapter 11: Oscorp's Ultimate Weapon
  • Chapter 12: The Kingpin
  • Chapter 13: Metal Face
  • Chapter 14: The Green Goblin
  • Chapter 15: If This be my Destiny

Cast and Characters

  • Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Voiced by Josh Keaton
  • Pit - Voiced by Anthony Del Rio
  • Lucina - Voiced by Laura Bailey
  • Shulk - Voiced by Adam Howden
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Voiced by Roger Craig Smith
  • Link - Voiced by Akira Sasanuma
  • Chrom - Voiced by Matthew Mercer
  • Robin - Voiced by David Vincent
  • Reflet - Voiced by Lauren Landa
  • Palutena - Voiced by Ali Hillis
  • Viridi - Voiced by Hynden Walch
  • Dark Pit - Voiced by Anthony Del Rio
  • Phosphora - Voiced by Kari Wahlgren
  • Dunban - Voiced by Rufus Jones
  • Riki - Voiced by Wayne Forester
  • Fiora - Voiced by Carina Reeves
  • Reyn - Voiced by Jay Taylor
  • Sharla - Voiced by Kellie Bright
  • Melia - Voiced by Jenna Coleman
  • Miles Morales/Kid Arachnid - Voiced by Donald Glover
  • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Voiced by Steven Weber
  • Eddie Brock/Venom - Voiced by Benjamin Diskin (Eddie Brock), Arthur Burghardt (Venom)
  • Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl - Voiced by Laura Bailey
  • Samus Aran - Voiced by Alesia Glidewell
  • Human Torch/Johnny Storm - Voiced by David Kaufman
  • Metal Sonic - Voiced by Ryan Drummond
  • Matt Murdock/Daredevil - Voiced by Charlie Cox 
  • Curt Connors / Lizard - Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
  • Max Dillon/Electro - Voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes
  • Mumkhar/Metal Face - Voiced by Timothy Watson
  • Beetle - Voiced by Steven Blum
  • Mario (brief appearance) - Voiced by Charles Martinet
  • Luigi (brief appearance) - Voiced by Charles Martinet
  • Batman (brief appearance) - Voiced by Kevin Conroy
  • Superman (brief appearance) - Voiced by Tim Daly
  • Princess Peach (brief appearance) - Voiced by Samantha Kelly
  • Amadeus Cho/Iron Spider - Voiced by Eric Bauza


  • Shocker (once)
  • Scorpion (once)
  • Ganondorf (once)
  • Lizard (once)
  • Kraven the Hunter (once)
  • Metal Sonic (2 times)
  • Venom (3 times)
  • Beetle (2 times)
  • Electro (once)
  • Kingpin (once)
  • Metal Face (once)
  • Green Goblin (2 times)

Hub WorldsEdit

  • New York City
  • Palutena's Temple
  • Viridi's Sanctuary
  • Ylisse
  • Colony 9
  • Smash Mansion


  • In the New York Hub, Avengers Tower from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron is seen as well as the Baxter Building HQ of the Fantastic Four.

Unlockable ComicsEdit

There are 20 unlockable readable comics in the game, To unlock the comics you must collect 900 comic pages throughout each hub world.

List of ComicsEdit

  • Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man!) (First Appearance of Spider-Man)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Spider-Man) (Spider-Man meets the Fantastic Four)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #6 (Face-to-Face with... The Lizard!) (First Appearance of Lizard)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #9 (The Man called Electro!) (First Appearance of Electro)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #14 (The Grotesque adventure of the Green Goblin!) (First Appearance of Green Goblin)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (Kraven the Hunter!) (First Appearance of Kraven the Hunter)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #16 (Duel with Daredevil) (Spider-Man meets Daredevil)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #20 (The Coming of the Scorpion! OR: Spidey Battles Scorpey!) (First Appearance of Scorpion)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Where Flies the Beetle...!) (Spider-Man's First Battle with Beetle)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #46 (The Sinister Shocker!) (First Appearance of Shocker)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #50 (Spider-Man No More!) (First Appearance of Kingpin)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Venom) (Spider-Man's First Battle with Venom)
  • What If? Vol 2 #105 (Legacy ... In Black and White) (First Appearance of Spider-Girl)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #121 (The Night Gwen Stacy Died) (Death of Gwen Stacy)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #122 (The Green Goblin's Last Stand) (Death of the Green Goblin)
  • Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man (The Battle of the Century!) (Spider-Man meets Superman)
  • Spider-Man and Batman (Disordered Minds) (Spider-Man meets Batman)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (Powerless) (First Ultimate Marvel Comic) 
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #½ (Ultimate Spider-Man ½) 
  • Stan Lee Meets The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Man meets Stan Lee)

Unlockable CostumesEdit

  • Default (Peter Parker's regular Spider-Man suit) - Unlocked at start of the game
  • Masked Marvel (From Amazing Fantasy #15) - Unlocked at New York City Hub
  • Wrestling Spider-Man (From Ultimate Spider-Man #3) - Unlocked at Palutena's Temple Hub
  • Vigilante Spider-Man (From The Amazing Spider-Man Movie) - Unlocked at Palutena's Temple Hub
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) ( From The Amazing Spider-Man Movie) - Unlocked at Ylisse Hub
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2014) (From The Amazing Spider-Man 2) - Unlocked at Ylisse Hub
  • Black Suit Spider-Man (From The Amazing Spider-Man Comics) - Unlocked at New York City Hub
  • Classic Movie Suit (From Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy) - Unlocked at Viridi's Sanctuary Hub
  • Classic Movie Black Suit (From Spider-Man 3) - Unlocked at Smash Mansion Hub
  • Scarlet Spider (The Suit worn by Ben Reilly, Peter Parkers Clone) - Unlocked at Palutena's Temple Hub
  • Scarlet Spider 2012 (The Suit worn by Kaine Parker, Peter Parkers Clone) - Unlocked at Viridi's Sanctuary Hub
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (The Suit worn by Miles Morales) - Unlocked at New York City Hub
  • Spider-Man 2099 (The Suit worn by Miguel O'Hara) - Unlocked at Colony 9 Hub
  • Spider-Man Noir (From the Spider-Man Noir Comics) - Unlocked at Smash Mansion Hub
  • Iron Spider (A Suit Created by Iron Man that he made for Spider-Man) - Unlocked at Colony 9 Hub
  • Big Time Spider-Man (From The Amazing Spider-Man Comics) - Unlocked at Colony 9 Hub
  • Superior Spider-Man (The Suit worn by Doctor Octopus) - Unlocked at Smash Mansion Hub
  • Spider-Man Unlimited (From the Spider-Man Unlimited TV Series) - Unlocked at Smash Mansion Hub
  • Spider-Armor MK III (From The Amazing Spider-Man comics) - Unlocked at Colony 9 Hub
  • New Black Suit (From The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 Video Game) Unlocked after Completing the Game 100%

DLC CostumesEdit

  • All-New All Different Amazing Spider-Man (From All-New All Different Marvel)
  • Sensational Spider-Man (The Suit worn by Ben Reilly, Peter Parkers Clone)
  • Spider-Carnage (The Suit worn by Ben Reilly, Peter Parkers Clone)
  • Iron Spider Hulkbuster (From Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man TV Series)
  • MCU Spider-Man (From Marvel's Captain America: Civil War)


The Amazing Spider-man Soundtrack - What Happens Now (Featured Song)03:44

The Amazing Spider-man Soundtrack - What Happens Now (Featured Song)


Character IntractionsEdit

During Boss FightsEdit

During Green Goblin FightEdit


Spider-Man: I am gonna smack the green right off you!

Spider-Man: [sing-song voice] The fist bone's connected to the - face bone!

Spider-Man: [When fighting the Green Goblin, referring to his fireballs] Only YOU can prevent Spidey-man fires!

Green Goblin: And now, this! ENDS! Spider-Man: I agree! What is this, again?

During Venom FightEdit

Spider-Man: Eddie please Stop This!

Venom: I know how to control the suit now... Isn't that what you wanted?

Spider-Man: Oh I swear I'm gonna smack those giant teeth out of your head if you don't knock it off!

During Metal Sonic FightEdit

During Ganondorf FightEdit

Ganondorf: Foolish Boy, Do you really think you can defeat the King of Evil? Spider-Man: Yes... Yes i do.

Spider-Man: Heres Web in your eye!... That sounded so much cooler in my head.

During Lizard FightEdit

Spider-Man: I'm trying to HELP you doc!

DuringMetal Face FightEdit

Spider-Man: Maybe this will knock the crazy out of you!.

Spider-Man: Why don't you hit yourself for a minute while I go get a glass of water.

During Kingpin FightEdit

Spider-Man: You are so fat--That when you cut yourself shaving...marshmallow fluff comes out.

Spider-Man: You are so fat--That your high school yearbook photo was taken from a helicopter.

Spider-Man: You are so fat--That when you get on a scale, it says "one at a time".

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