The Virus(or Virus Lord) is the Boss from First Secret Chapter (The 8-Bit Adventure). Originally a memory of data that was from the Aurum, it gained the power to change Skyworld to an 8-bit universe.

Idol DescriptionEdit

Leader of the Virus Army, it can manipulate things into an original state in terms of pixels. It seems to have a strongly relationship to the Aurum, but despite that, it loathe them to the conclusion of an urge to completely annihilate them at any costs.


Physical AppearanceEdit

The Virus looks to be an edited version of the Aurum Brain, but having some key differences. During the process of the Aurum brain being formed into the Virus, the rings were cut off and pointed. Black and red pixels are usually surrounding the side and back of the whole body. Generated by it power, it has thin slab that is his hands.


Its power enables itself to generate identical beings of the Underworld as 8-bit enemies with some of the information left from the Aurum and the DNA of scattered souls, left from the Underworld Army Invasion years ago. This data can also be obtained by an atempt in capturing different characters, such as Pit. Since the information is stored into the brain of the Virus, it makes an unlimited supply of Troops. Like Pandora, the Virus can pull tricks to heroes as they move forth. Changing the locations and worlds is one of the main properties of its power. Though its power doesn't affect Pit, Mario and Link as much, it uses lasers to attack and defensive barriers to protect itself from enemy attacks.

Secret Chapter 1: The 8-Bit AdventureEdit

The Virus was the main enemy that was obscuring the peace from the land and Skyworld. Pit, Dark Pit and the other heroes collected their sacred powers/weapons to face off the glitch. Later during the Battle it intoxicates the surrounding area with an Aura that slowly creates the heroes into a pixilated player. Until Pit gave the final blow to the brain, it disintegrates and so does its power, returning the world back to normal.

From the Epilogue, a speck of the Virus still live, escaped to Skyworld seeking a chance to capture Pit, in which soon it would become Virus Soul.

Secret Chapter 3: Return of the VirusEdit

The Virus Lord still lies in the heart of Virus Pit, keeping his appearence to say looking like Pit. It was the main reason to keeping Virus Pit from overusing his power. Later in a middle of a fight with Pit, Virus Pit manages to seperate the Virus Lord from his heart and take his power for himself.

Secret Chapter 4: Aurum LivesEdit

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