The Amazing Spider-Man


Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

The Amazing Spider-Man is a video game based on the Marvel Comics Superhero Spider-Man and features characters from the Kid Icarus Series, It is also based on The Amazing Spider-Man Film Series and the Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Book Series.


When Medusa returns and turns her Underworld Army into a Symbiote Army with the help of Carnage to destroy Palutena and Skyworld, Palutena asks Spider-Man for help due to his past run-ins with the Symbiote, Venom and Carnage, Spider-Man teams up with Pit and Viridi's Forces of Nature, during this Phosphora flirts with Spider-Man while at the same time develops feelings for him especially after Spider-Man saves her from nearly being Killed by The Green Goblin who came to try and take control of the Symbiotes, eventually Spider-Man defeats the Goblin and he and the others run-in to Venom who agrees to help stop the Symbiote Army, during the fight against the Symbiotes Spider-Man also starts to develop feelings for Phosphora, near the of the game Pit defeats Medusa with the Three Sacred Treasures, However Carnage takes full control of the Symbiote Army, during the fight Carnage removes Spider-Man's mask and reveals to Pit and the others that Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker, eventually Carnage is defeated, Palutena then thinks Spider-Man for helping and promises that she and the others will keep Spider-Man's real name a secret, at the end of the game Spider-Man confess' his feelings for Phosphora, Phosphora then tells him that she feels the same way and the two kiss and begin a relationship, Spider-Man then returns home to New York.





Dark Pit






Green Goblin

Unlockable CostumesEdit

  • Default/Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker's regular Spider-Man suit)
  • Vigilante Spider-Man (From The Amazing Spider-Man Movie)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) ( From The Amazing Spider-Man Movie)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2014) (From The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
  • Black Suit Spider-Man (From The Amazing Spider-Man Comics)
  • Classic Movie Suit (From Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy)
  • Classic Movie Black Suit (From Spider-Man 3)
  • Scarlet Spider (The Suit worn by Ben Reilly, Peter Parkers Clone)
  • Scarlet Spider 2012 (The Suit worn by Kaine Parker, Peter Parkers Clone)
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (The Suit worn by Miles Morales)
  • Spider-Man 2099 (The Suit worn by Miguel O'Hara)
  • Spider-Man Noir (From the Spider-Man Noir Comics)
  • Iron Spider (A Suit Created by Iron Man that he made for Spider-Man)
  • Superior Spider-Man (The Suit worn by Doctor Octopus)
  • New Black Suit (From The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 Video Game)

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