The Synthetics are a group of beings from a dimension opposite Pit's own dimension, comprising the main antagonistic army in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. They refer to any creatures outside their species as "Organics".

Synthetic MonstersEdit

The Synthetics are mostly comprised of a great variety of monsters, many of which are Synthetic counterparts of Underworld monsters. Some of these monsters are able to talk, but many cannot. Synthetic Monsters do not share the same evolutionary bonus of Synthetic Angels, being vulnerable to any non-Synthetic forces.

Current Synthetic MonstersEdit

Synthetic AngelsEdit

The Synthetic Angels are the top of the food chain in the Synthetics. Physically, Synthetic Angels are very similar to normal angels, but with one main difference: Their wings. While normal angels have white wings with soft, plushy feathers, Synthetic Angel wings are all across the color spectrum, and their feathers are stiff, rigid, and in some cases, metallic, jagged, or sharp.

Synthetic Angels have undergone a sped-up evolutionary process that renders them immune to any non-Synthetic forces, including godly powers. As a cost, many of them have altered mindsets, a common affliction being unable to feel emotions, being no different that monotone drones. However, these Synthetics are capable of regaining their emotions over time.

Synthetic Angels are proficient in all weapon types, and basic weapon knowledge is common to all of them.

Current Synthetic AngelsEdit