My name is Mayday Parker. I'm the daughter of Spider-Man. And today my story begins anew.

The Amazing Spider-Girl

Real Name

May "Mayday" Parker





The Amazing Spider-Girl

The Spectacular Spider-Girl

The Astonishing Spider-Girl




Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Father)

Lucina Lowell (Mother, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Richard Parker (paternal grandfather, deceased)

Mary Fitzpatrick-Parker (paternal grandmother, deceased)

Benjamin Parker (paternal granduncle, deceased)

May Parker (paternal grandaunt)

Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider (father's clone/paternal uncle)

Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider (father's clone/paternal uncle, deceased)

Chrom Lowell (maternal grandfather, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Emmeryn Lowell (maternal grandaunt, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Lissa Lowell (maternal grandaunt, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Owain/Odin Lowell (maternal second cousin, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Ophelia (maternal cousin, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Marth (maternal ancestor, in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Caeda (maternal ancestor, in Ultimate Spider-Man)


Human Mutate

First Appearance

What If? Vol 2 #105 (1998)

Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) is the future daughter of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in the MC2 universe. Fanon wise, She Appears in Ultimate Spider-Man. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

History (Ultimate Spider-Man)Edit

After the events of Ultimate Spider-Man took place Spider-Man and Lucina became a couple and were together for a few years, Eventually Lucina ended up becoming pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, Spider-Man and Lucina named her May "Mayday" Parker after Peters Aunt May, When Mayday turned 15 she developed her fathers powers, She then became a Superhero and wore the same costume that was worn by Peter's deceased Clone/Brother Ben Reilly A.K.A. Scarlet Spider, Now Mayday protects New York City using powers she inherented from her father as The Amazing Spider-Girl.


  • Like her Mother, May also has the Brand of Naga, which marked her as a worthy heir to the Ylissean bloodline, Her Brand is located in the iris of her right eye.
  • Like her Father, May also has an Uncle Ben. However, unlike her dad, May never knew her uncle: Ben Reilly, Spider-Man's clone. His last words before his death are about her: "Take care of my 'niece,' Peter... tell her about... her Uncle Ben". Her costume and web-shooters are in fact his, kept in storage since his death. When May asks her father about him, however, Peter leaves out the fact that Ben was really a clone, instead referring to him as a cousin.
  • In the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, she is voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • This Spider-Girl is a fanon version of the character that appears in Marvel's MC2 comics, in which her mother is Mary Jane Watson. 

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