The Sphinx is a boss fought in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess and is a commander in Perseus's army. It is fought by Magnus before he excavates a giant stone tablet to be used in the building of a wall.


The Sphinx has the body of a lion, but the face of a beautiful woman. It is golden brown with a dark brown mane. The Sphinx has sharp claws that can be extended to lengths of six to seven inches. The Sphinx wears a gold circlet with a small ruby embedded in the temple, possibly to denote its divine status in some cultures.


The Sphinx is a foil to the Minotaur. The Sphinx prefers to attack from afar and to use its cunning wits more than its sharp claws. It is extremely clever, and has the mindset of a person of extreme wealth, as it is very polite. It has absolute trust in Perseus and, unlike the rest of Perseus's army, did not need to be brainwashed, as it is a true supporter of his cause. The Sphinx is a very sore loser, threatening to leave and never return upon its defeat, saying that it would most likely return to Egypt.


The Sphinx is extremely nimble, even more so than the speedy Minotaur. It can confuse its enemy with a single glance, and shoots divine energy from the circlet around its head. The Sphinx has powerful hind legs, and can leap over Magnus in order to avoid attacks. When all else fails and the Sphinx must get in close, it can use its extendable claws to do some serious damage.