The Space Pirates

Kid Icarus: Defender of Light

The Space Pirates once roamed the Galactic Sea, stealing conselations for their own power. After the attack on the Space Pirate Ship by Pit, the Underworld Army, and the Galactic Fiend Kraken, their ship sunk into the Galactic Sea Bed, and the pirates lay stranded.

The Space Pirates apear In Chaper 22 of Kid Icarus: Defender of Light, when Pit and Dark Pit find the Space Pirate Ship, hoping to retrieve and repair it with the help of Posiedon's Army. They find and fight some Space Pirates Ghosts, dewlling in the ship after all of these years, unable to interact with the ship, since their ghosts. They can, however, for some reason attack with their weapons.

The Space Pirates have 3 weapons based after them: the Space Pirate Arm, Staff, and Cannon. These can be found on the New Weapons page.

Kid Icarus: RequiemEdit


Standard Pirate Trooper

Space Pirates are large celestial beings said to be the brainchild of the Titans, though their exact origins are unknown even to the Gods.

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