The Space Pirate Ship

The Space Pirate Ship appears in Kid Icarus: Defender of Light, sought by Pit and Dark Pit with the help of Posiedon in Chapter 22 to get a useful distraction and powerful enough one to attack the Chaos Kin to stop its control over Hades, Palutena, Viridi, and Zeus.

The Space Pirates once roamed the Galactic Sea, stealing conselations for their own power. After the attack on the ship by Pit, the Underworld Army, and the Galactic Fiend Kraken, their ship sunk into the Galactic Sea Bed, and the pirates lay stranded. This dark, poluted area beneath the Galactic Sea is where the Space Pirate lay highly damaged.

Chapter 22 InformationEdit

Throughout the land battle, Pit and Dark Pit fight surviving Space Pirates, Underworld enemies, and a few galactic monsters like a huge crab and squid, but not as powerful as the Galactic Fiend Space Kraken. Posiedon's Army makes repairs on the ship as Pit and Dark Pit get to the bridge over the slanted ship. A Galactic Megaladon shows up, however, but Pit and Dark Pit defeat it eventually with a laser blast and fly back into the Galactic Sea for more repairs.

Chapter 23 InfromationEdit

During Chapter 23, Pit and Dark Pit take control of the Space Pirate Ship for the begining air battle. They imediately begin to head back towards Earth, and must fight Hades' small armada of remaining Aurum Ships, soon fleeing and fighting as they go. They reach Posiedon and Hades then apears. The attack Hades' dealing a good amount of damage. Later, the Chaos Kin is caught onboard, and Pit and Dark Pit must go through the ship to fight it, while avoiding attacks that come through the ship from Posiedon's and Hades' battle below. They fight and "finish off" the Chaos Kin by firing a Mega Laser at it after immobilizing it, freeing the gods of its control, but it simply heals, grows as big as the ship itself and crushes it.


During Chapter 23, Pit and Dark Pit take control of the Space Pirate Ship for the begining air battle. It acts much like a land battle, however, using the circle pad to control flight on a 2D plane and the stylus to control the reticle and camera angle. Flicking the circle pad will give it a short boost of speed. Using a power attack causes it to fly forward at high speeds to ram enemies. Continuous fire shoots a spray of lasers. Letting go of the attack button will still fire lasers for a bit. It charges almost instantly for powerful Mega Laser attacks. If two players are present, the second player will be able to control a set of lasers to attack.

During the chapter, Pit and Dark easily take down Underworld Enemies, but fighting Aurum Ships is a harder feat. With the advantage of speed, they can shoot, ram, and fly around through the battle.

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