Female Dragon

Sorcha. when she first meets Pit

Sorcha is a young half dragon and a best friend of Pit. She hates Hades, and evreything that has to do with evil. Over the years, adventureing with Pit, she has develpoed a sort of crush to the Angel. She even sort of "fell in love" with Dark Pit, thinking that he was the real Pit. Dark Pit thought that having Sorcha on his side was going to be helpful, so he "used her." She's hated him since. 


Her family is relitivly unknown, but she's mentioned her mom, Heather, her dad, the dragon Fyrono, and her younger brother, Asher. 

Physical ApperanceEdit

Sorcha has white hair with red tips, making her hair look like glowing embers that turned white. She has red scales on her forehead and cheeks. Her legs and forearms are also covered in scales. Her eyes are amber yellow that has a sort of orange color to them.  She is often is clothed in silver armor when she seanses a battle.  

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