The Shield is a fan-made type of weapon introduced in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. Shields are rather large weapons, worn over the right arm and held in place by a single band.

Any ideas for Shield weapons are welcome and appreciated.


Shields, aside from moderately slowing you down, employ a rather surprising mix of offensive and defensive gameplay. Forfeiting rapid-fire, holding the Attack button throws up your Shield, which will block incoming attacks and prevent damage. However, some attacks can break through your guard. Shields can still perform Charge Shots, however. Dash rapid-fire shots with a Shield are replaced with a Shield Bash attack, which consists of a charge in the direction of the dash, Shield outstretched to hit the enemy and protect you. Melee combos with Shields consist of only a 2-stage attack that is weaker than that of a Club.


Army Shield - The standard Shield, mass-produced for Palutena's army and upgraded with Charge Shot capabilities to be more usable in combat.

Gorgon Shield - Decorated with a large eye, this Shield's eye-shaped Charge Shots have the possibility of petrifying the target.

Aries Shield - The Zodiac Weapon bearing the sign of Aries. This Shield stays true to the Ram, as it has strong Shield Bash power.

Mirror-esque Shield - Made to mimic the appearance of the Sacred Treasure in all of it’s glory, your continuous fire not only blocks, but reflects enemy fire! Being a carbon copy, the charge time is slow and the resistance threshold is somewhat laughable...