"Wait, you need her to fly? Pathetic!"

- Sai

Sai is a witty, flirtatious young angel and the alleged twin brother of Pit.


Physical AppearanceEdit

 Sai now looks to be around 12 years old (in human years) and has large yellow eyes and many tufts of hair. His chiton is replaced by a white tunic decorated with red and gold hems on the bottom. It is fastened on the shoulder by a single gold pin with a ruby-like gem embedded on it. He wears the outfit with a brown belt that has silver lining the edges and a gold, triangular buckle on his waist. Pit also appears to wear navy blue tights beneath his chiton. The angel now has a pair of bronze and gold cuffs on his wrists, a gold bracelet on his upper left arm, and another gold ring on his right thigh. Pit's sandals are brown and decorated with crossing, beige bands. The top edges of his shoes have what appears to be white fur or wool.Edit


Sai is fearless and heroic. He faces many dangers and threats with little hesitation. Sai has no problem fighting against monsters many times his size and is always ready to help the humans when they are in need. The angel has a notable humorous side and enjoys cracking jokes. Sai is also very confident, which makes him bit of a show-off at times, like his brother. Nonetheless, Sai is a good-hearted and friendly character. He is described by Pit as "Unbearably Showoffish" and by Viridi as "Overly Flirtatious."


Despite Pit being a flightless angel, Sai has an amazing ability to fly long distances. He is a skilled and versatile fighter. He originally started out as an archer that mainly specialized in using the Bow, but over the years he has become more experienced with using various weapons like the BladeClawsCannon, etc. Even though Sai has a childish appearance, he seems to possess great physical strength and is capable of utilizing massive weapons like the Arm or Club. However, he can act very immature sometimes.


  • Sai's last name is Link, as refrence to the Nintendo character.
  • Sai has been to several alternate realities.
  • Sai has a crush on Phosphora.

Relationships INCOMLETEEdit


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