Religious Figureheads are deities fought by Pit, Dark Pit, and Orphus as statues in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. It is unknown whether they actually exist or not, even by the Gods. The Figureheads are Ingavar, Pyrivar, and Electivar. They are deities of the religions of the Eskimos, Nomads, and Cloud People, respectively.


Ingavar, being the leader of the Figureheads, has three separate statues that fuse to form his own. He takes the form of a man with a polar bear's head.

Pyrivar's statue takes the form of a man with the head of a dragon similar to those found in Chinese folklore.

Electivar's statue takes the form of a man with a wolf's head. The wolf's hair is standing on end due to the deity's power to control electricity.


The Figureheads have not shown much personality, as they are statues and thus cannot speak. However, it is said that the religion that each deity leads is a mirror of that deity's personality. So, with the Eskimos being extremely defensive of their religious grounds, Ingavar is most likely very religious. As the Nomads are hostile towards everyone and brutal cultists, Pyrivar must be easily angered and will not relent once a fight has started. Finally, the Cloud People see themselves as the "upgraded" version of humans, so they isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Therefore, Electivar sees himself as better than the other Figureheads and does not affiliate himself with them.


Ingavar uses mainly ice-based powers to attack. He uses icicles, snowballs, and auroras in his attacks, and prefers to attack from a distance.

Pyrivar uses mainly fire-based powers to attack. His attacks include embers, fire, and magma. Pyrivar, like Ingavar, prefers ranged attacks to melee.

Electivar uses mainly electric-based attacks. He electrifies his fur and charges at Orphus, and once close enough, bites and scratches with electrified fangs and claws. Unlike the other figureheads, Electivar prefers to use melee attacks rather than ranged.


  • Ingavar's name is based off of a character by the same name in the book "The Fire Eternal" by Chris D'lacey. In the book, Ingavar is a polar bear and also the ruler of the Arctic. Pyrivar's and Electivar's names are based off of this -var suffix.