A Purgaton is an enemy in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetics, it is a dreaded creature in both the Synthetic dimension and Pit's dimension.


Purgatons resemble large sentient hands, colored an eerie lavender and accented with blue. The fingernails are claws, colored green. A sharp-toothed mouth can open in the palm.


Puragtons act similar to an Orne, traveling a set route. Touching it directly won't hurt you, but if you get near it, it will open the mouth on its palm and try to grab you. If it does, it will grip and chomp, killing your character instantly. Purgatons are also invincible. It is said that anything killed by a Purgaton will have its soul and body devoured, unable to be reincarnated.

Quotes (other characters)Edit

Pit's Version

Artem: Uh-oh.

Palutena: What is it, Artem?

Artem: A Purgaton.

Pit: Another of your Synthetic friends?

Artem: Trust me, this thing is no friend to anyone. You know those things you Organics call Ornes? Purgatons are our versions of them.

Pit: *worried* So, basically... one hit and I'm dead?

Artem: Not quite... Touching them doesn't hurt. Just DON'T let it grab you. If that thing chomps down on you, you'll be gone for good, unable to be reincarnated.

Palutena: *worried* No...

Pit: *gulps*

Trip's Version

Ohka: Danger. Purgaton in vicinity.

Trip: "Purgaton"?

Ohka: Purgatons are very dangerous Synthetic creatures. They are akin to the Organic entities known as Ornes.

Viridi: So Trip can't touch them, or else he's finished?

Ohka: Close. Direct contact with Purgatons can be achieved with no drawbacks. The mouth on their palms is what should be avoided. One bite will kill you. According to legend, anything killed by a Purgaton will have its soul and body devoured, never to be reincarnated.

Trip: ...I did not need to know that last part.


  • Purgatons are named after "purgatory".