Precipitous is the God of Rain, who once worked for but betrayed Zeus, becoming part of the Underworld Army. He can control rainfall to an extent, but Zeus still has ultimate control over that. He can use water in various ways to attack and defend, and he is very knowledgable in strategies of warfare and enemy observation. He has a personality that of a strict army general, demanding respect and talks with authority.


He appears in Chapter 7, 8 and 17, acting as the Underworld Army's strategic comander, providing new ways to organize troops, making the Underworld Army much more of a threat. He is fought in Chapter 7 and 8 using different attacks due to the different terrain of the Earthbound Temple and the Stormsea Palace. He is very powerful, able to resist and almost escape after two harsh battles with Pit and Dark Pit, but Arlon the Serene is able to finish him off in the end of Chapter 8. In Chapter 17, he creates a huge, living water blob that must be split apart into many pieces before it can be destroyed.

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