What you are searching for, it's in here.

— Phosphora comforting Pit.
The Lightning Flash


Forces of Nature


Kid Icarus: Uprising, Icarus: Rise of the Lightning Flash, The Amazing Spider-Man


Viridi's Commander and second in command. Queen of the Nymphs (Rise of the Lightning Flash)

Current Allies

Pit (Husband in Rise of the Lightning Flash), Palutena, Viridi, Dark Pit, Spider-Man (Boyfriend in The Amazing Spider-Man)


Unknown, Nymph (Rise of the Lightning Flash)

First Appearance

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Phosphora the Lightning Flash (電光のエレカ Denkou no Ereka "Eleka the Lightning") is the boss of Chapter 14 in Kid Icarus: Uprising and one of Viridi's commanders of the Forces of Nature. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Kid Icarus: Clash of AngelsEdit

Phosphora makes sporadic appearances in Clash of Angels, usually aiding Pit or Trip during Air Battles. She has gained full control of the Lightning Chariot since the last game, able to call it to anyone with a simple whistle. Later in the game, she picks up the habit of flirting with Trip, mainly to make Ohka jealous.

Kid Icarus: Defender of LightEdit

Phosphora appears occasionally, usually when the Forces of Nature show up to help fight the Underworld Army, and once to retrieve the Lightning Chariot after Dark Pit jumps out during Chapter 13 to rescue Pit.

Kid Icarus: Heart of DarknessEdit

Phosphora supports Pit in air battles, and retrieves the Lightning Chariot when he jumps out. Though she still has some feelings for Pit, she is aware of the feelings that he and Viridi have for each other. She still flirts with him occasionally, but gets chewed out by Viridi for doing so. She continues to do it though, just to tease Pit, and annoy Viridi.

Kid Icarus: Angelic HeroesEdit

Phosphora is happy to meet Sai and occasionally flirts with him in game. She is there to comfort Sai when his powers are gone and kisses him before he leaves to go to Turken, his home. When Sai finally asked her out she was laughed at first, but then accepted, smiling.

Note: Phosphora's age in this game is around 12-13 human years old.

The Amazing Spider-ManEdit

Phosphora helps Spider-Man fight against the Symbiote army, in the game Phosphora constantly flirts with Spider-Man and begins to develop feelings for him especially after Spider-Man saves her from being killed by The Green Goblin who got the upper head, in the final fight against Carnage, Carnage rips off Spider-Man's mask and tells Phosphora and the others that Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker and after the fight Phosphora and the others promise to keep Spider-Man's real name a secret, at the end of the game Spider-Man and Phosphora confess their feelings for eachother, they then kiss and begin dating.


  • Phosphora's name comes from the Greek word, phosphoros, meaning "bringer of light", which suits Phosphora's association with lightning.