The Palutena Staff looks exactly like the scepter carried by Lady Palutena with slightly brighter colors. It functions similarly to the Orb Staff, though its shots are a bit more powerful and have better range. Its standing charged shot is a blue ball. Its dash charged shots (in any direction) are sky-blue balls with a faint copy of Palutena's emblem floating around them. Its continuous fire (standing or dashing in any direction) is a series of aqua green balls.

This staff serves as good practice for new staff users. Its shots do gain strength as they travel, but only very slightly. Also, unlike most staffs, its continuous fire is fairly powerful. However, all of its shots have poor homing and its charge time is very long, comparable to the charge time of the Laser Staff. Its melee ability is above average for staffs, due to its powerful third melee combo strike and melee dash attack. It has the best melee range of any staff, allowing wielders to zip up to foes and begin a melee combo.

Idol Description Edit

This beautiful weapon imitates the staff the goddess Palutena is never seen without. Players new to staffs may want to consider using this, as it possesses traits similar to those of other weapons. This is the longest of all staffs, so its melee attacks get a nice boost.

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