Orphus, formerly known as Orpheus, is a protagonist and playable character appearing in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. As a human, Orpheus was a travelling Priest that taught others about arcane legends. He was then given angelhood by the God Aether and helps Pit and Dark Pit.


Orphus is a man in his late 30's who has already begun to bald. Unlike the other angels, he wears the traditional robes of a Preist, colored gold and white to symbolize his devotion to Aether. His wings are somewhat lighter than those of Dark Pit, being light gray in color to represent his being older than the other angels.


Orphus is not as impulsive as Pit and Dark Pit, and is hesitant to attack if the situation can be negotiated. Having studied in the arcane, Orphus is very knoweledgable, and even corrects the Gods on certain occasions. Being a Preist, he is completely devoted to the Gods and will do whatever he can to serve them.