The Noble Blade resembles a large version of a air traffic control semaphore glowing bright red-orange. Its standing charged shot is a glowing red orb. Its dash charged shot (in any direction) is a large, glowing white-blue orb. Its standing continuous fore is a series of beige lasers. Its dash continuous fire (in any direction) is three glowing purple pellets.

Its melee attacks have the distinctive ability to knock enemies into the air 100% of the time after the third melee combo strike of a dash melee attack. Its shots travel quickly and have great range, but are not very powerful. It slightly boost the speed of the user.

Idol Description Edit

The mysterious material that composes this blade's outer parts is strong enough to hold gases inside it at extreme pressures. However, a bit of gas is released when the weapon experiences impact. As a result, foes hit with melee attack are blasted into the air with the force of science!

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