Melia Antiqua






20% Half High Entia

80% Half Homs

First Appearance

Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)

Melia Antiqua (メリア エンシェント, Meria Enshento, Melia Ancient; English dub: /ˈmeliə ˈæntɪkwə/ ) is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles and is part of the High Entia race. She is a powerful mage who lives in the Royal City of Alcamoth prior to the game's events. Her true age is unknown in the game, though her brother Kallian is 151 years old. The art book "Xenoblade: The Secret File" reveals her age to be 88 years (Her Race ages much Slower then Humans and Homs). Her arts focus on summoning elemental spirits and ether magic.

Melia is the daughter of the High Entia Emperor Sorean Antiqua and his second consort. Imperial tradition states that the emperor take two consorts; one a High Entia, and the other a Homs. Melia, daughter of the Homs second consort, is of mixed High Entia and Homs heritage. Melia's mother is never seen and is only alluded to in dialogue as, due to the difference in the rate of aging between Homs and High Entia, she died of old age sometime before the events of the game. An NPC in the imperial palace however does state that Melia has grown up to resemble the second consort as a young woman. She Appears in crossover Fanfics.

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