Maximus is a brown half-angel fighter in Kid Icarus and The 9 Weapons of Power.


Maximus used to be a fighter for Palutena, but as Pitt needed someone to help him defeat The Underworld forces at one stage, Maximus came to help. At first, Pitt idolised him by all of his victories, but he then learned that he was kinda a jerk. After they defeated the commander, Maximus thought it would be great for him and Pitt to do a final battle. Pitt thought he was mad, but did it anyway. After Pitt defeated him. Maximus called on his mech and Pitt's new Great Sacred Treasure and they fought again. But Maximus' engine caught on fire, and blew up, but he pushed Pitt out of the way to save him. Maximus then merged with his mech, making a cyborg with 1 laser blade for an arm, a super fist and him looking like an Aurum, now known as Beta Maximus. He then changed his ways and helped Pitt, Pittwo and the other destined fighters against Darkos and Hades.


At first, he was bold, flirtatious and quite a glory hog and show off. As Beta Maximus he's a bit more animated, intelligent, kind and generous.

As BossEdit

When you have to fight Maximus, you need to avoid his attacks and use then attack when he's open. Using abilities like blindness and recovery will help. As a mech, you need to keep a distance and move slowly forward until he gets stunned. Then open fire. Repeat this and you will win.


When not in the cockpit, Maximus has the Aurum palm with a homing and poison effect on it. His mech is equipped with a giant Optical Blade, Crusher Arm and Jetstream Orbitars. When he merges into Beta Maximus, he has all of his powers.

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