Link is a boy from the Legend of Zelda series. He guest stars in Kid Icarus: Pit and Link. For Legend of Zelda players, he is from Majora's Mask.



Link is a 13 year old boy. He is nice, calm, and sometimes reckless. He has a grudge against Ganondorf. He is strong and can push/pull objects his size and weight.


He is a boy with long ears, a sword and shield, a green tunic, and a floppy hat to match. He is almost always with a fairy.


Kid Icarus: Pit and LinkEdit

While on vacation, Link falls into a strange hole and is transported to Angel Land. He is robbed by several strange beings and left with his sword and shield. He later finds a strange being with his ocarina. After losing in battle to him, Link concedes. The strange being introduces himself as Pit and hands him the ocarina. Link has a flashback of Princess Zelda. After Pit wakes him up, Palutena extracts them.

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