The Light and Dark Sacred Treasures are two mech weapons created by Dyntos , much like the Great Sacred Treasure, but slightly smaller. Also made of pure orichalcum they have a cockpit, two arms, and two leg thrusters, looking much like Mech Armour Mode of the Great Sacred Treasure. They both carry large rifles in one hand and have a different weapon in the other. Both have two shoulder-mounted cannons, directly attached to the cockpit as well as one main cannon, all three capable of firing a variety of shots and attacks including Mega Lasers and, if needed, a Final Strike blast.

The Light Sacred TreasureEdit

This treasure is made for Pit, with light colors of pale blues, light greys and whites and has wings similar to the Great Sacred Treasure, and a yellow light array in the back. It's 3 main cannons fire mainly a spray of high-homing arrow projectiles as well as whirlwinds that push shots away. It carries a large rifle on its right arm that shoots fire based attacks such as exploding fireballs, little fire shots, and a stream of fire. On the left arm it carries a small cylinder, capable of generating a Laser Whip, and a Plasma Sword.

The Dark Sacred TreasureEdit

This treasure meant for Dark Pit has scaley armour with colors of blacks, dark grays, teals, and purples, and sharp, bat-like wings with a purple light array in the back. It's main cannons can fire powerful and quick low homing purple arrows and Blackhole Bombs that draw in and absorb shots. It weilds a black rifle that fires electicity based attacks, such as lightning bolts, balls of electricity and little sparking shots. On it's left arm, it weilds a wide, disk, able to fire laser disks, laser nets, and extend plasma spikes to spin and use the disk as a saw.

Ultimate Sacred TreasureEdit

The Light and Dark Sacred Treasure have the ability to break apart into their different components, and reattach together into the Ultimate Sacred Treasure, with the rifle's combined, legs combined, disk and cylinder combined, arms combined, the cockpits sideby side, and the bat wings fanned out behind the light wings. This even more powerful device combines the energy of both treasures into one, making it faster and more destructive on foes.

Gameplay Edit

While controlling the Light or Dark Sacred Treasure in Chapter 25, there are 3 main types of play.

Air Battle (Light and Dark)Edit

Much like the air battle when controlling the Great Sacred Treasure in standard form, you can fly around the screen up and down, left and right, both character with their weapon with different flight paths.

Light Sacred Treasure

Charge Shot: Exploding FireballCont. Fire: Light Arrows

Melee: Plasma Sword

Power Attack: Mega Laser

Dark Sacred Treasure

Cont. Fire: Darkness Arrows

Charge Shot: Exploding Electro Ball

Melee: Plasma Saw Blade

Power Attack: Mega Laser

Air Battle (Ultimate)Edit

Just like the other Ait Battle, but with the Ultimate Sacred Treasure, Pit and Dark Pit control different parts of it.


Charge Shot: Electrinferno Blast

Cont. Fire: Light and Dark Arrows

Power Attack: Mega Laser

Melee: Plasma Sword

Dark Pit

Charge Shot: Laser Disk and Sword Beam

Cont. Fire: Gattling Gun

Power Attack: Laser Web

Melee: Plasma Saw

Land Battle (Light and Dark)Edit

Both Treasures can be controlled in the same manner as a normal land battle, daahing, shooting, dodging etc., but floating high above the ground at a set hight. Powers are available to use as well and some are given to the player by default.

Light Sacred Treasure

Standing Ch: Inferno Ball

Fwd Dsh Ch: Flame Thrower

Bkwrd Dsh Ch: Whirlwind

Side Dsh Ch: Plasma Sword Beam

Standing Fire: Light Arrows

Fwd Dsh Fire: Flame Shots

Bkwrd Dsh Fire: Gattling Gun

Side Dsh Fire: Light Arrows

Melee: Laser Whip

Melee Dash: Plasma Sword

Dark Sacred Treasure

Standing Ch: Electro Ball

Fwd Ch: Lightning Bolt

Bckwd Ch: Blackhole Bomb

Side Ch: Laser Disk

Standing Fire: Darkness Arrows

Fwd Dsh Fire: Sparking Shots

Bckwd Dsh Fire: Reflector Shield

Side Dsh Fire: Darkness Arrows

Melee: Plasma Saw

Melee Dash: Wing Attack


Mega Laser x3, Angelic Missile x5, Bumble Bee x3 (Plus all powers equipped by the player.)

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