This is the first in a series of hypothetical prequels for Uprising. Tells how magnus' family died when Medusa posessed him into killing them all. The entire game is one big land battle, though you DO find the Wings of Pegasus at one point, and you visit Dyntos regularly as he "likes your spirit" to spend hearts on new gear and upgrades. Halfway through, you meet a mercenary band known as " Kings of the Gaol" and a young woman who was raised by and named after said mercenaries. You work with them for a while, before medusa kills most of them. You manage to save gaol, by wagering your humanity. If medusa dies in time, Gaol is free. If not, however, you become a hideous demon. This is the true source of your strength. Medusa kidnaps gaol and brainwashes her into an evil general. The game ends as you prepare to rescue Gaol in the second level of Uprising.

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