Kid Icarus: Vengeance of Hades is a game idea where more chapters are available than Uprising. This is a game that revolves around collecting power orbs to rescue Palutena from an evil presence called the Monoeye of Death, who is later revealed more thoroughly in the story. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can pick to play most bosses you have fought in the story mode. There are also other unlockable characters other than Kid Icarus characters.


This takes place 1 year after Hades was defeated. This begins when Pit is called by Palutena to her temple, which is being raided(this chapter has no air battle since Pit lives there). After Pit defeats the boss, Medusa Puppet, he learns from the Mysterious Aura that Palutena has been kidnapped by a force within the Cursed Temple, a human temple that had been raided with Zurees, Reapers, and Ornes. "Palutena" then gives Pit the Power of flight so he could reach the temple. As he goes deep within temple, he encounters the deadly Cursed Being, a seemingly evil monster who reveals himself to be the Mysterious Aura after the battle. In his dying breath, he tells Pit of Palutena's fate, a capture of a being who wanted to gain power with souls. He also tells him about the tablet behind him. The tablet states that the way to stop the evil who captured Palutena was to collect the 10 Power orbs.


Every weapon type from Uprising, as well as spears, shields, and armor, appear here. The shields normally have bad ranged attacks (They do slight damage and sends up flying shields, just as the Guardian Orbitars did in Kid Icarus: Uprising), decent melee attacks, and the added affect of shielding Pit from attacks(depends which direction the shield is facing). Spears have excellent range attacks that usually end in some sort of lag (Since the spears have to get back to Pit), great melee attacks, and very short firing range (shorter than any other weapon type, apart from Claws). Armors are included with suits of armor that allows Pit to take less damage from enemy attacks. They also come with shields that only protect, and swords similar to blades, except for a smaller melee range and weaker ranged attacks.The armors can also change Pit's exterior appearance(such as for the Gaol Armor makes Pit look like Dark Lord Gaol). Other notable things: Arlon's weapon is now a palm instead of orbitars, the guardian orbitars is now the guardian shield, the Gaol armor replaces the Gaol Blade, Amazon Pandora now has her own blade, instead of having Pandora claws, and the Magnus Club is now the Magnus blade, but it stills acts like the club version (apart from the combo now being 3 hits).

Cast(Incomplete) in order of importanceEdit

  1. Pit
  2. Phosphora
  3. Monoeye of death
  4. Hades
  5. Viridi
  6. Colary
  7. Palutena
  8. Gaol


Although the chapters are ideally like those in Kid Icarus, Uprising, a select few chapters do not have an air battle (such as chapter 1, in which Pit resides in Palutena's temple).

1. The Temple Raid

Pit starts this chapter asleep, but Palutena suddenly wakes him, telling him to go to the base of the temple. Pit asked Palutena why she sounded so tense, but Palutena just said to ignore that and to hurry. Pit is shocked to find a large amount of enemies in the temple, although most of them were Monoeyes and Miks. As Pit was going to the base, he found that the entrance area was guarded by a Reaper guard, a rare enemy that sends Pit to the beginning of the room if he was caught. He tried asking Palutena why there was so many enemies, but he got worried since there was no response. He went into the center of the temple, but he did not find Palutena. Instead, he found a puppet resembling Medusa, and it was attacking Pit! Pit eventually defeated the puppet by destroying its strings, but Pit still did not find Palutena. A mysterious Aura then told Pit that Palutena had been kidnapped, and that he would find her at the bottom of the Cursed Temple.

2. The Temple of Curses

Pit decides to try again to contact Palutena. Pit, surprised, got a response from "Palutena" that enabled the power of flight, but notices that the voice(who is actually Viridi impersonating Palutena) sounded different than usual, and so he asked why was this. "Palutena" says that she has a sore throat, and to just ignore it. Pit notices that most enemies were Zurees, and "Palutena" says it was since they were near the cursed temple, a temple for humans that was abandoned ever since it was raided with ghastly enemies. As Pit lands, he falls into what he thinks is a hot spring, but it had no healing effects. Pit complained about this, but then "Palutena" said that this water had the essence of light, so it was the only way to defeat the large amount of Ornes living in the temple. As Pit went through the temple, avoided booby traps, and avoided two Reaper guards, he finally reached the boss door. A monster called the Cursed Being tried telling Pit of the situation with Palutena, but Pit attacked and ignored the monster. Being a nice force, it hardly attacked Pit as Pit defeated it. The monster then reveals itself to be the Mysterious Aura, and said with a dying breath that Palutena had been captured by a being who wanted power by gaining souls. Before he died, the Cursed Being told Pit of the tablet behind him, which was a prophecy that stated for Pit to obtain 10 power orbs in order to stop that evil. Pit turns around to say thanks, but regretfully found out that the Cursed Being had already passed. After he died, the enemies in there also died and the temple was back to normal. As Pit is being extracted, Viridi accidentally congratulated Pit with her normal voice, and when Pit says that he knew it wasn't Palutena, Viridi said that Pit said that just to avoid embarrassment.

3. The First Orb

As Pit sets out, Viridi tells Pit that the location of the first Power Orb. She said that it was in a town's Museum, which was also heavily guarded by humans. Viridi happily said that Pit may have to harm humans to obtain the orb. Pit grudgingly accepted this fate, and continued on. Viridi also said that Pit will also have to fight Underworld enemies, since their leader also wanted this orb, to prevent the defeat of their leader. Pit then lands in front of the museum. Viridi also sends Pit a Skuttler costume to disguise himself if he fights humans(Pit can choose to wear this or not. The boss battle will be the same, but with different dialogue). Pit enters the Museum very quietly to avoid chaos, and attempts to obtain the orb by entering through a passage in the back. Pit sees Underworld enemies also taking this route, and Viridi tells Pit to destroy every enemy he sees. As Pit enters through the back, many civilians are frightened and escape from the building. (Costume ending) The guard captain (Gaol) says that she thought there was no more minions, and she said she will gladly defeat "the Skuttler". After being dealt enough damage, Gaol will change into her armor and said she has had enough. Even though she was a fierce opponent, she is eventually defeated. Being tired, she is vulnerable to the soul stealing being, who suddenly enters the room. Tired out, Gaol asked the monster who he was. As a response, the monster said he was the Monoeye of death, a monster who seems like a normal Monoeye but with a black skin tone with green eyes that oozed a menacing aura. He than said he required many souls and called Gaol a traitor. He then took Gaol's body as he returned to the Underworld. He also told his minions to take the orb, but Pit then ripped off the costume, destroyed the monsters, and took the orb. He was then extracted from battle. (Changes in story with no costume: Gaol tells Pit that it is her duty to defend the Museum's prized possession, but the battle remains the same. There are more enemies trying to take the orb at the end of the chapter as well.)

4.The Chase for the Goddess

Pit jumps out of the door in Viridian's sanctuary, but he wasn't given the Power of Flight from Viridi just yet. A voice said sorry to Pit, and she granted Pit the power of Flight. The voice revealed herself to be Phosphora. Pit asks why and how Phosphora granted him the power of flight. Phosphora then explains that the Monoeye of death raided Viridian's sanctuary and took her away, her having the same fate as Palutena. Phosphora also says that Viridi gave Phosphora the power of flight so she could help Pit fly and rescue her. Phosphora tells Pit that she was taking Pit to stop the Monoeye of death already. Pit informs her that they can't stop him until they acquire all ten power orbs, but Phosphora said that she didn't care. She then took him inside the Underworld Castle. Upon arrival, Pit comes across a fork in the road. Phosphora tells Pit to go to the right, and Pit does so. He endures many monsters, including a room with 3 Clubberskulls, an open arena with 4 Reapers, a room with 3 swarms of 20 Monoeyes each, and the room in front of the boss room being guarded by a Reaper Guard. Upon reaching the boss door, Pit finds the Monoeye of death in the center of the room. Phosphora tells Pit not to be nervous. She says that it is just a Monoeye, and it shouldn't be difficult. After enduring a long fight, Pit finally defeats the Monoeye of death, but it suddenly exploded. The real Monoeye of death tells Pit that it was a decoy used to trap him. Pit told Phosphora that he was right when he told her earlier that they couldn't defeat him yet. Phosphora is forced to extract Pit from the trap.

5. The Temple Raid

Phosphora sends Pit to her Thunder Cloud Temple quickly. Pit asks what was the reason for the rush, and Phosphora said she needed help against Underworld forces. Pit asked why the Monoeye of death was mainly going for goddesses, and Phosphora said she didn't know. As Pit fought the rest of the aerial enemies, he landed at the Thunder Cloud Temple. He noticed how the area was very damaged from the attacks of Underworld forces. As he fought through the area, he asked Phosphora where she was. Phosphora said she was right there, and Pit turned around to find Phosphora. She said that she will go with Pit to defeat whatever is causing the chaos. As they destroy every enemy in the Thunder Cloud Temple, they reach the area where Pit originally fought Phosphora. Pit notices a giant boulder in the middle of the arena and asks Phosphora what it was. Just then, it woke up, and the Monoeye of Death suddenly appeared. Pit asked him if he knew what it was, and the Monoeye of Death said that it was Cragalanche, but he was now under control of him instead of Viridi. The Monoeye of death explains that after Cragalanche was defeated a year ago, it remained a normal boulder. The Monoeye of death then said that he awoke Cragalanche and took control of him. Cragalanche then threw a barrage of boulders to Pit. The Monoeye of death, before leaving, explained that the boulders would implode and would crush Pit in 5 minutes. He also said that Cragalanche was controlling those boulders, and then Pit said, after the Monoeye of Death left, that defeating Cragalanche would probably stop the boulders from imploding. Phosphora decides to defeat Cragalanche to free Pit. You have to control Phosphora in this boss fight. Unlike in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Cragalanche has a lightning rod covering his butt, meaning that attacking his butt will actually do less damage then hitting the rest of his body. If 3 minutes have passed since starting the boss fight, Phosphora says she won't be able to defeat Cragalanche in time, so Pit gives her whatever weapon he used previously in the chapter(if Phosphora still can't defeat Cragalanche, you will receive an instant "I'm Finished" if the remainder of the time passes). After Cragalanche is defeated, he explodes and the boulders surrounding Pit disappear and Pit thanks Phosphora. Phosphora notices a piece of paper on the ground left behind the Monoeye of death. Pit asks what it was, but Phosphora responded by saying that it was a gum wrapper, to which Pit replies by asking what was gum.

6. The Color Palace

Phosphora gives Pit the Power of Flight soon after the events of the last chapter. Pit asks why was there so much different colors in the sky that day. Phosphora said that the colors were coming from Colary, the goddess of all colors. The colors suddenly become more intense as Pit flies onward. Suddenly, a swarm of Underworld enemies come out of nowhere and they attack Pit viciously. Pit wonders why so many enemies appeared, and why he was going to Colliery's Palace anyways. Phosphora says that it was because Colary held another Power Orb, and that they had to obtain it. Upon arriving at the palace, Pit comments by saying that the palace was beautiful. When Pit enters, Colary asks who was entering "her magnificent palace". Phosphora told Colary that it was her and the angel Pit, and that they arrived since they needed her Power Orb to stop the Monoeye of Death from taking away many souls. Colary said that they could "negotiate" in the center of the palace. As Pit makes his way to the center, many different paints splash down onto the room. Pit asks Colary where those paints came from, and why they were there, when Colary randomly says "rise, my subjects!" and many beings made out of paint also came from the ceiling. The enemies tried to attack Pit, but Pit wanted to know what they were, and Phosphora that they were, according to Palutena's celestial super scanner, enemies called paintatrons, and that they could only be defeated/harmed when Pit jumps into a pool of paint and attacking Pit with their corresponding color.Phosphora also said that jumping back into that pool of paint again removes the paint on Pit's body. When Pit defeats the enemies, Colary is shocked that he destroyed some of the defenses, and said that she should fix the paint leaks later. As Pit fights through the Palace, he finally arrives at the room where Colary was. Colary said that if Pit wanted the power orb, he had to fight through her last-minute defenses. Suddenly, 6 large paint minions, who Colary called Paint Knights, came from the floor, and Colary siad to try to destroy the minions. At first, Pit tries attacking the minions with his weapon, only to have them not be affected. Phosphora then noticed that the guards were spewing paints, colors that looked as the same paints used earlier against the previous enemies, and she said to use the same method as with the previous Paint Minions with the Knights. Pit destroys 5 of the Paint Knights and says "5 down, 1 to go! This will be a piece of cake!" Colary said that she had one last trick up her sleeve, and just then the remaining Paint Knight stops moving. Suddenly, it dropped all of its paint and grew large. Colary said that although it lost all of its color-coded defenses, it has 5 times the energy of the standard Paint Knight. As Pit endured the vicious attacks of the last Paint Knight, he eventually destroyed it. Pit said for Colary to give them the Power Orb, but Colary said that she creates all of the world's colors with the power orb, but she said that she'll give it to them if they find a replacement.

7. The Temple of Color

Colary tells Pit that she knows where to find one, and Phosphora said she already where it was, in the Color Temple, dedicated to Colary. Colary, suprised, said that Phosphora was "quite the sharp one", when Pit asks why they make a lot of of temples for random gods. Colary, angry by his words, said she'll be back in a few seconds, and when she storms off, Pit says "What's her deal?" Phosphora said to just ignore her and she sent Pit in the direction of the Color Temple. Many more Underworld enemies appear, and Phosphora said to destroy the enemies before they reach the Color Jewel first. Just then, Colary appeared and angrily said "Take this!" and attacked Pit with a color bomb, causing him to crash to the ground and destroyed the Underworld troops in the air. After 10 minutes have passed (in-game, not real time), Phosphora finally wakes the temple up and tells him to head to the highest point in the temple, where the Color Jewel was located. When Pit makes it to the interior of the temple, Colary released her troops and said she wanted "to keep things interesting". Phosphora said that the color puddles where kept in capsulles in the entrance of the temple, coincidentally where Pit was at the moment, and that there were also more scattered through the temple. Pit destroyed many more enemies, and he finally got to the highest point. As he was nearing the Color Jewel, the temple roof was taken down, and the Monoeye of Death appeared and deployed Underworld enemies. Phosphora said to destroy every enemy before they reached the Color Jewel, and as Pit destroys the enemies, the Monoeye of Death said that Pit and Phosphora "spoil all the fun" and leaves. Colary suddenly appears and says that she suddenly dislike the Color Jewel, saying that she would only keep the offer if Pit could somehow defeat her in battle. As Pit defeats Colary after an exhausting battle, Colary, out of breath and tired, said that she would regretfully trade. As they finish trading the jewels, the Monoeye of Death appears again and attacks Colary, stealing her soul. Pit asks why did he do that, and tells him to stop doing this and to returns all the souls he has stolen. The Monoeye of Death by saying "All questions will be answered in due time," then he leaves. Pit said that they had to stop him, and Phosphora, extracting Pit, said she agreed.

8. The Lightning Chariot Returns!

Phosphora gives Pit the Power of Flight, and he heads towards "the moon". Pit asks why they were going to the moon, to which Phosphora replied that it was the rebuilt and modified Lunar Sanctum. Pit guesses that the reason they were going there because there was another Power Orb, and Phosphora said he was correct, but she also said that it won't be easy getting this one. She found an advertisement to a fighting tournament, and the prize was a power orb. Just then, many paint enemies appeared falling from the sky, when the Monoeye of Death tells Pit that it was because the paint enemies were out of a leader, and that he took them all under his control. Phosphora tells Pit to avoid the paint enemies since Pit had no way to defeat them. When Pit was about to reach the Lunar Sactum, though, he was slammed by a speedy being. Pit crashed into an open field. When he woke up, the person who crashed into Pit apologized, and said that he was Hermes, the Messenger God. Hermes said he had to deliver a Power Orb to Colary, but he was unable to since Colary wasn't there. Pit asked if he and Phosphora could get the Orb, but Hermes replied saying no. He said, though, that he would give the Power Orb to Pit if he could somehow defeat him in a race, by any means necessary. Pit had an idea, and told Phosphora to bring the Lightning Chariot. You then take control of Phosphora using the Lightning Chariot. It controls just as in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It was a smooth ride, but then the Monoeye of Death pulled out many troops that tried assaulting the Lightning Chariot. Phosphora defeated all of the enemies and the Monoeye of Death said he'll be back very soon. As Phosphora arrived, Hermes said that they can't beat him in the Lightning Chariot. He then says that many years ago, he raced against the Chariot Master (who was using the Lightning Chariot) and won by a landslide. Pit said that he could beat him, and Hermes responded by saying that he liked Pit's attitude, and that he accepts Pit's challenge. They then start racing. Hitting Hermes causes him to slightly slow down, and hitting Hermes enough automatically finishes the race. On lower intensities, the Lightning Chariot can outrace Hermes, but he has to be hit on higher intensities. After winning the race against Hermes, Hermes said he hasn't had a workout like that in centuries. He then rewarded Pit the Power Orb, and then Pit exclaimed "3 Power Orbs down, 7 to go!" Just then, the Monoeye of Death came again, and Phosphora, annoyed, said "Is this going to be a regular thing with you?" to which the Monoeye of Death responded by tauting "Yes, especially with this!" He started rushing towards a now exhausted Hermes, to which Phosphora created an electric shield and Pit tried attacking from in front of Phosphora, but the Monoeye of Death slammed through them, stole Hermes' soul, and quickly escaped. Phosphora told Pit that they have to obtain every other Power Orb quickly to prevent the Monoeye of Death from stealing any more souls, and Pit agreed. Phosphora then teleported them to her temple.

9. The Tournament of Champions

In the beginning of this chapter, Phosphora tells Pit that they were going to where they originally were going to yesterday. Pit remembered, saying that they were going to the modified Lunar Sanctum. Phosphora said it is no longer just the Lunar Sanctum. She said that it was now a place called Fighter City, and Arlon was the new mayor. She also said that Fighter City, as the name says, is home to many fighters who compete to receive honor and riches. Pit asked "Why would a power orb be there of all places?" Phosphora said that it belonged to a legendary fighter who was wounded in battle, and eventually passed away. She said that Arlon was hosting a tournament, and that she signed Pit in. As they head towards the city, a large airship crashes into Fighter City and it starts unleashing monsters. Pit and Phosphora get worried and head there even quicker. As they land on the ship, as it is the only remaining entrance, swarms of monsters ambush Pit, but Pit overpowers them. When they reach the generator, Phosphora says that they can't destroy it because the explosion would severely damage the city and would probably get Pit killed. As Pit exits the ship, Phosphora points out anchors holding the ship onto the city and orders Pit to destroy them. Although several monsters try to defend the anchors, Pit removes them and the ship falls into space, saving the town. Just then the Monoeye of Death, angered by Pit, decides to defeat him there. After an intense battle, the Monoeye of Death prepares a lethal attack, but Phosphora interferes by sending a thunderstorm to paralyze him. Phosphora says for Pit to finish him off, or else they would have no other chance. Pit defeats the Monoeye of death using a barrage of attacks(if the player somehow fails to attack the Monoeye of Death with 30 seconds, the Monoeye of Death will unleash his attack, giving Pit an instant "I'm Finished"). As the Monoeye of Death dissolves he tells Pit "You have no hope. Your every effort is futile. I may have been defeated, but I will never die! I will always reign supreme!" After this, Pit heads to a local inn to heal his wounds, pondering of what the Monoeye of Death meant that he will never die.

10. The Tournament Begins!

As Pit wakes up in the inn, Phosphora tells Pit that the tournament was going to start in a minutes, and anybody that is late is automatically disqualified if they do not make it in time. The times for each weapon class are:           Claws and Arms: 4 minutes                                                                                                                                       Blades, Orbitars, Spears, Bows, and Palms: 5 minutes                                                                                                        Cannons, Shields, and Staffs: 6 minutes                                                                                                           Clubs and Armor: 7 minutes                                                                                                                             As Pit nearly reaches the arena, a Clubberskull falls out of the sky and attacks Pit, though it is defeated. As Pit enters the building, he views who he is up against. He boasts that he could easily defeat the competition, but Phosphora points out that Dark Pit is in the tournament as well. Pit says that he was never seen again after Hades was defeated and wonders why he would show up now. Pit's first opponent is a Boss Reaper. Although they are not the strongest Reaper, they are the strongest so far (they deal slightly less damage than a normal Reaper, but compensate for the fact that they have massive HP, only matched by some of the later bosses in the game). After Pit eventually defeats it, Arlon appears and congratulates Pit for defeating the Boss Reaper and he fully heals Pit. After that, Dark Pit is faced against an Orne. Although Ornes instantly kill when a person touches it, the Orne ate Dark Pit. Pit is getting worried if Dark Pit died, but the Orne's Aura flies through the stadium, leaving only a dead skull and an unharmed Dark Pit. Pit and Phosphora were amazed that Dark Pit was not even hurt. When Dark Pit enters the fighters' room, Pit congratulates Dark Pit by saying he was amazing, but Dark Pit coldly replies with "...Who are you?" Pit tries to make Dark Pit remember the adventures they had but Dark Pit pushes Pit and said "You must be insane. If all of that happened, I would have remembered". Pit, confused, walks away, when Arlon announces the next fight: Pit vs. Fighter Group. The Fighter Group consists of every color of fighter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. After Pit defeats the fighters, Pit get awarded the Full Life Power(when defeated, health is completely healed if activated) by Arlon. Pit views Dark Pit's next match (Dark Pit vs. 3 Reapers), but Pit decides not to comment on his performance.

11.The Tournament Lingers On

Pit wakes up in an inn and walks outside, only to see Dark Pit. Dark Pit says to Pit and says "Don't get in my way. Or else!" Phosphora says to Pit that Dark Pit does not seem like himself. Pit follows Dark Pit to see if he is doing anything suspicious. In the town center, Dark Pit developed a dark aura surrounding himself. Pit tries to talk to Dark Pit, but Dark Pit angrily stares at Pit. Dark Pit attacks Pit, and Pit is launched to the pond in the park. Pit says he has to help, but Phosphora tells Pit that the tournament was starting, so Pit rushes to the colosseum. Pit's first opponent is an undead Clubberskull. An Undead Clubberskull has much more HP than a normal Clubberskull, but is much slower and weaker. It also has the advantage of being able to attack in its skull form. After Pit defeats it, he returns to the fighters' room and complains about the difficulty of the tournament, to which Phosphora replies that there is only 3 rounds remaining. The next contestant Pit is against is Magnus. Pit starts wondering 2 things: ever since when was Magnus in the competition, and why did he enter? As Pit battled Magnus, Pit asked why he entered, to which Magnus replies that he needs the Power Orb for money reasons. Depending on how fast the player defeats Magnus, a power will or will not be awarded. The power is Close Combat(it can be used twice per stage; it triples the strength of melee attacks but charged shots can't be used; lasts for 30 seconds). After the battle, Magnus congratulates Pit on his victory but says that he must find another opportunity to make money. As Magnus departs, he and Pit exchange farewells while Phosphora wonders how Pit could have a friendly bond with humans.

12. The Tournament's End


1. Boss Battles: In this, you fight every boss with limited health recovery items. It plays exactly like the Boss Battle from Kid Icarus: Uprising. (1 player)

2. Biota Ball: In this Minigame, an Aurum Biota sends balls towards the players. The goal is to hit the balls back between players. Also, every player has a life gauge. If players lose all of their health, they are eliminated. The last player standing wins.(2 to 6 players)

3. Survival Mode: Battle waves of enemies without any health recoveries(including powers). Your score is recorded when you lose all of your health.(1 player)

4. Berserker's Run: It is unlocked after defeating Boss Battles. It has every boss and miniboss in the game, and only has 3 Drink of the Gods instead of 5. Completing this unlocks 3 rare powers: Full Health(completely restores all HP; usable 3 times), Meteor(deals 1000 damage to every enemy;usable once but must be charged after 2 battles), and Earthquake (deals 250 damage to everyone;usable twice but does not need to be recharged;cannot miss).


  • The battle with the Paint Knights is similar to the Armos Knights battle in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.