Kid Icarus: Requeim is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U. The concept of the Kid Icarus series is that a mixture of Nintendo franchises are combined to create a new game. Kid Icarus: Requiem has many features shared by other Nintendo franchises, some of these include:

  • Star Fox - Most shooting aspects are derived from the Star Fox games
  • Zelda - There are free roaming missions
  • Pokemon - Pit can deploy units from the Forces of Nature by throwing seeds onto the ground which instantaneously grow into troops.



Wii U



Subject to change

Although Pandora was defeated at the Rewind Spring, a minute portion of her powers were still preserved in Dark Pit's wings. As time passed, Pandora's powers grew and multiplied like cells. They developed to the point where a consciousness formed, which was an imprint of Pandora's previous being (as Pandora became a soul and mind without a physical body after being defeated). Due to her unique abilities as Goddess of Calamity, Pandora was able to situate herself in Dark Pit's subconsciousness. She used this to her advantage, at certain times she could use her powers to control Dark Pit, making him effectively a puppet. As her powers developed, the longer and more control she had over Pittoo. Since she used the subconsciousness area of Dark Pit's brain, he could never be aware of any actions or events that take place while being possessed. While possessed, Dark Pit is known as : (Tba)

Because of his war crimes, Hades was locked away in a prison. His powers have no effect on the outside world, he can only use magic within the walls of his prison and there is no possible way he can escape within his power, as Zeus is the only being capable of removing the strong enchantment on the tower. Time passes far slower inside Hades' prison. Though it is meant to be punishment, Hades uses the distorted time to his advantage. For what seemed centuries to him, Hades plotted his escape and his revenge on the other Deities. In secret, Dark Pit (possessed) infiltrates the prison to free Hades. But due to the strong enchantment guarding the tower, Dark Pit (possessed) cannot free him. Hades quickly devises a plan.


  • When a chapter is cleared on intensity 9.0, it can be replayed as Dark Pit. There is no difference in gameplay, just dialogue.