Kid Icarus: Battle for Skyworld is the fourth installment in the Kid Icarus series by Nintendo. It was also made with Havok, the game engine for Brawl. The story is like this: It has been 10 years and Hades has returned. Pit sets off to recover The Orbs Of Power from Twinbellows, Hewdraw, and Pandora. When he defeats all three, he comes to the Underworld to slay Medusa. After her defeat, Hades interrupts his victory dance. He says that his quest isn't over. In the next chapter, Pit encounters Viridi. She is ready to unleash bombs that will wipe out humanity. Pit is prepared to rise against The Forces Of Nature. The Underworld then invades the sacred Thunder Cloud Temple. The temple honors the goddess of electricity, Phosphora. He then sets out to finally destroy the Forces Of Nature, with only two commanders remaining, Arlon And Cragalanche. Once the two are defeated, some aliens will invade. The Space Pirates return, with the kraken nearly devouring the ship. But their leader, Zalgyx attacks earth. Zalgyx then creates an island in the sea. Pit then flies to the island to find some mysterious aliens. He meets Pyrrhon and he tells him that the aliens are the Aurum. He then destroys most of the Aurum. Later, he finds Magnus and he says that a dark lord from the Underworld has came to the Overworld.

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