Keteus is a human boy at around age 16 who first appears in Kid Icarus: Severed From the Heavens. He is the brother of Icarus and the son of Iapyx. He acts as Icarus's guide for the first part of the game and helps him find his first weapon, as well as teaching him his first Skill, Sneak.


Keteus is similar in appearance to Icarus, with them being brothers. However, there are some noticeable differences, the most obvious being their hair style. Keteus has close-cropped light brown hair. Keteus is also slightly taller and skinnier than Icarus.


Keteus is a very peaceful being, preferring to avoid fights or talk his way out of them. However, he can fight if need be. As he was born into poverty, he is an exceptional thief and can sneak in and out of almost anywhere.


Keteus is somewhat skilled in battle, and wields a short sword. However, he prefers to avoid fighting, hence his signature move, Sneak. Sneak allows the user to turn invisible for fifteen seconds, allowing them to get by guards unnoticed. Leveling up this move allows it to be used for longer periods of time.


"Well, this girl needs help, and this game is obviously turning into an RPG, so why not?"