My Idea for a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel. It's been 6 long years since Hades' defeat, and a new evil, Issak, Medusa's brother Is bent on destroying the world. In order to combat this threat, Pit's teamed up with Dark Pit, his (although he denies it) girlfriend Phospora, and Poseidon's angel and pit's biggest fan, Andrew. here are the first quotes for each character(in order):      Pit: "Sorry to keep you waiting.... again." Palutana: "good to see you again." dark pit: "hello, hello, buddy." phospora: "Hi, pit, *wink* wazzup?" Andrew: "OMIGOSHOMIGOSH *breath*  IT'SPITANDDARKPITANDPALUTENAANDVIRIDIANDDAD!"

List of chapters:

chapter 1: A Big problem.

Pit is released into the field of battle again, and is surprised to learn he has 3 partners, and is really suprized to see Andrew, a new face. after they land, Dark pit sees a figure in the distance, which brings the introduction of Issac, who unleashes a monster known as "Nik soahc" (Try that backwards for a spoiler.) more coming soon.

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