Zeus army

AR Card Template Fighter

He is with both Palutena and Zeus


An 11 year old Angel that can fly with his wings.He is the foretold warrior to make peace or recreate the universe.With his powers he can in the wrong hands the galaxy can be doomed for 3 years.

The creationEdit

  • Isaiah was an idea of Jesus and Pit with Palutena and Zeus combined.
  • He has the Sword of the Gods like the Sword of Olympus from God of war.
  • For eleven he knows what will happen if he messes up.He is also a Human when he didn't become an angel.
  • He is black with Blue and Red hair with a style like pit`s.
  • He has the fun personality like Pit.The seriousness of Dark Pit.The smarts of Palutena.And the voice of Pit fused with Hades.
  • ==How he Battle==
  • THE way how he Battle is uncommon.First he goes to run on land and shoot in the Heavens and then stuff come down like lightning and meteor.

Weapons and how he earns them Edit

  • Usually he reads Dynos creation book of technology and weaponry.
  • Once he learns by reading it takes a time for him to receive and he speeds up the process with thunder and hearts.

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