Given long ago to a group of humans as a gift from the gods, this mystical crystal of ice stored in the Crystal Palace has the power to defract and disperse energy of all kinds.

Uses Edit

It is wanted by Hades' to be able to create many focus points of energy in combinatio with the Ancient Relic of Chapter 3 and the Mysterious Power Souce of Chapter 4.

Dark Pit uses the crystal to disperse his thoughts into an Aurum Ship in Chapter 13, giving him control over it.

In Chaper 19, Dark Pit Uses the Ice Crystal to cool the air, forcing Precipitous to solidify. Later in the Chapter, Dark Pit uses the crystal to disperse all of the energy in his and Pit's wings to deactivate Hades' and Orcos' power of flight, saving them both, but also deactivating Viridi's, Palutena's, and ridding Dark Pit of Pandora's Powers once again.

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