"I'm Pit, the second Lightning Flash. I am still the Captain of Palutena's army, and I won't fight unless I have absolutely no other choice!" - Pit's rally cry

Icarus: Rise of the Lightning Flash
Icarus Sequel copy
Pit's coming of age


Square Enix & Project Sora-Sora Ltd.





Release Date

March 4, 2018

Icarus: Rise of the Lightning Flash, is a upcoming sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising. This takes place after Pit's defeat of Phosphora at the Thunder Cloud Temple. It's scheduled to release in March 4, 2018 in the United States.

Plot Edit

Taking place after Pit's success at the Thunder Cloud Temple. Pit is teleported away to the FF6 World of Balance. There, Pit meets new characters such as Sabin and Edgar. Working together, Pit, Sabin, and Edgar, search throughout for the legendary Lightning Scarf. It is said that it grants users Lightning Powers. In this time, Pit would also grow to love one of his former enemies, Phosphora. They also have to find a way home for Pit. And he would never thought that he would have to become the second Lightning Flash. With his new powers, Pit will have to learn how to control and use it. And like Phosphora, his endurance is lacking. Once again, Pit will have to fight to save the humans from evil.

Returning Characters Edit

New Characters Edit

  • Edgar
  • Sabin

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