Goggles are a type of weapon in Kid Icarus: Dyntos' Rise Goggles are weapons that are incredible in range and teribble at melee, also having the longest range of any type of weapon. They shoot lasers that are endless, and the charge shot shoot explosive lasers.

Types of Goggles:Edit

Shock GogglesEdit

These shoot lightning bolt lasers that can paralyze the enemies

Boom GogglesEdit

These shoot normally but the explosive lasers have a larger blast range

Fish GogglesEdit

Theses look like fish eyes, they shoot fish that deal small damage but make the enemy soggy, slowing the down.

Venus GogglesEdit

These goggles shoot acidic lasers that deal DoT (Damage over Time)

Dyntos GogglesEdit

The goggles shoot gears and bolts that do high damage on machanical enemies

Secret GogglesEdit


Zodiac GogglesEdit

Gemini GogglesEdit

Shoot two Gemini constelations while shooting the laser to deal extra damage

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