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Gaol in her Dark Lord Armor.

Gaol, AKA Dark Lord Gaol, was a one-chapter antagonist in Kid Icarus: Uprising, but was freed from the curse of the armor she wore, switching to Pit's side.

This page is for any of her appearances in fangames.

Kid Icarus: Clash of AngelsEdit

Gaol makes a return appearance in Clash of Angels, being a protagonist from the get-go. She first appears to ask Pit and Trip for their help when Magnus vanishes. When Magnus is found under the control of Elced, Gaol reluctantly helps Pit (or Trip) fight him. Upon their victory, Gaol tries to get the mind-control device off him, but the device goes kamikaze, killing them both. However, the device's energy mutates them into Synthetic Angels, but they keep their minds and emotions, remaining on Pit's side and staying in Skyworld afterwards. Gaol's wings resemble her Dark Lord armor (purple, red, and gold mix with green feather tips), and her signature weapon is the Gaol Blade.

In Bonus Chapter 2, Gaol and Magnus are married after Pit, Trip, and Magnus retrieve the ring from Perplexion.

Kid Icarus: The Mother GoddessEdit

Gaol appears as one of the first playable characters in the game along with Magnus. After their wedding in the first chapter, Magnus and Gaol leave to investigate a tear in the earth. There they fight Pit and lose. Gaol is not in her Dark Lord armor for this portion of the story, and instead uses a short sword and a round shield.

Gaol is taken over by the Chaos Army in Chapter 5, and captures Magnus. She is not rescued in the following chapters, and is presumed to still be working for the Chaos Army until her appearance later in the game.