Galboros is a cat goddess of royalty and is also a member of the Galaxy warriors. She is somewhat known to have accused of Amgloh of stealing her staff and is the lone ruler of her own kingdom.

Biography Edit

Galboros, growing up in the Royal temple was put in charge of her kingdom after her parents have died of a tragic accident that happened with the underworld army. She then www known to be the lone ruler of the kingdom after she had defeated her evil sister.

Then the next day after she went to sleep, she woke up and walked to her drawer. When she opened it, it was gone! She called her guards to look for the staff and then she heard of a prophecy that mentioned her as well.

Then she heard the news saying that what owls saw was a dismembered cat. Then she saw Amgloh and accused her many times for the staff. Then when they were on their mission, she then yelled at Amgloh for being in the prophecy and ruining everything. She then says that Amgloh is a disgrace and a total set-back, causing the poor dismembered cat to cry and run away.

Then after a few months of crying for what kind of actions she had done the warriors, she finally went to amgloh and apologized to her for her wrongdoings. She promises to never yell at her and she accepted it. Then they became friends.

Appearance Edit

Galboros is known as "palutena's cat of royalty and light" due to her addiction to lamps. She sports pale rose hair, mauve fur, a silver robe, a gloden leaf collar in it and golden slippers.

Personality Edit

Galboros is depicted as protective, sometimes serious, caring, and she is really quick to anger if someone opposes her. This type of selfish behavior was shown towards Amgloh.

Relationships Edit

Amgloh Edit

Galboros has shown to be showing her hatred and anger towards Amgloh, but then she finally apologizes and becomes friends with her and accepts that amgloh didn't do it, it was her father.

Simone James Edit

Galboros holds a huge lust towards Simone and looks foward to him as a husband than a friend.

Over Easy Edit

Galboros isn't used to dating young guys.

Trivia Edit

  • Galboros should not be confused with Bastet, the cat goddess.
  • Her occupation "palutena's cat of royalty and light" is somewhat correct as Galboros has a fetish for lamps.

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