Fists are a new weapon-type introduced in Kid Icarus: Being of the Mirror. They are like a cross between Claws and Arms. Like Orbitars and Claws, they always come in pairs.

General AttributesEdit

They are good at Melee, have short-middle range, a continuous fire that fires lots of weak shots repeatedly, almost never having a pause like other weapons. They have a Melee Combo of 4 (Claws are 5, Arms are 3). They've got a slow charge time, but waiting is rewarded with a powerful attack with two projectiles (like Orbitars). They're forward dash charged shots move remarkebly fast, as does the forwad dash continous fire. The side dash continous fire and the side dash charged fire move fast and slow, respectively. The backward dash continous fire is weak, but is made up for by the immensely powerful, yet slow moving, backward dash charged shots. Fists increase your speed slightly. Most fists have a very low shot-cancellation, apart from the backward dash charged shots. A shot from a pair of Fists loses power as it travels.


  • Boxing Fists - The standard model. They look like the fists of professional boxers.
  • Fighting Fists - One of the best Melee weapons, but with lower range and lower ranged attack power.
  • Urgle Fists - Based on Viridi's Urgle, these have tree-based attacks. The Melee attacks given send enemies flying
  • Strongarm Fists - Based upon Palutena's Strongarm Centurions, the attacks it give can fire weights, rocks and other heavenly projectiles. It's Melee attacks send enemies flying.
  • Aurum Fists - Dyntos crafted this weapon out of the very little Aurum technology that was left after the Aurum invasion. These fists have low Melee power, but mighty dash shots.