Feet are a type of weapon in Kid Icarus: Dyntos' Rise that are incredibly great in melee. The have up to a seven hit combo. The continuous attack is repediatly kicking with small damage and super low range. The charged shot is the feet stretching and either pulling the enemy to Pit or Pit to the enemy. If there are no enemies in range the stretching will send Pit into the air, flapping his wings to gently fall. P.S. All of the feet are only authentic replicas of the real things.

Types of FeetEdit

Bear/Bare FeetEdit

These are human feet with bear claws on them, which allow Pit to grip onto things like walls and supports allowing him to swing and climb up walls

Puppy FeetEdit

These feet are their name, and allow pit to do the puppy paddle to swim in water

Feet FeetEdit


Atlas FeetEdit

These feet send shockwaves when Pit walks or runs with them on.

Angel FeetEdit

These feet allow Pit to jump and float down even higher and slower

Secret FeetEdit


Zodiac FeetEdit

Leo FeetEdit

Lion feet with the constelation Leo on them. The continuous shots are fireballs that can burn the enemy, and the charged shot is large fireball that explodes on impact.

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